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Friday, 03 July 2009
Novagreen was formed in 2005 by vocalist / guitarist Thom (Thomas Nowak) in the town of Paris / France. Having previously played in heavy metal or stoner rock bands with notably Jamie Cavanagh from Anathema, and having earned a degree at Boston's Berklee College of Music, his musical ambition for Novagreen was to synthesize all the different hard rock and metal movements in order to create a new standard. The band takes the best out of stoner and hard rock, thrash, heavy and extreme metal, the past and current “classics”, and puts them altogether in an energetic, massive and rock n' roll mix. To carry through this project, meeting both with Sebb (Sebastien Camhi), ex-drummer of Blackout (Perennial Quest Records) also in Sideblast (Black Death), and Jiu (Julien Gebenholtz), ex-bass guitar player of No Return (thrash metal) and Lokurah (metalcore) was crucial. If Thom is the main songwriter, the modern and extreme music influences and the virtuosity of his partners strengthened the original approach of Novagreen to metal, that one can now hear on their first album “N 1.0”.

Self-produced, recorded and mixed in Sebb's own recording studio (Artmusic, in Nice/ France) in just two weeks during the summer of 2008, then mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark (Helloween, Hatesphere, TNT, etc), this first offering at the crossing of different styles and eras is a solid, mature and exiting mix of influences; a resolutely metal, aggressive and federating album. Some of the first reviews published on webzines and forums call it “Classic Metal” from listening to the songs on their Myspace website, and it’s hard for one to sum up the band’s sound otherwise: whatever song from “N 1.0” they release online (exclusively on streaming for now), there is a feeling of timelessness and immediate catchiness, whatever musical direction they take from one song to the other.

The stunning album cover is the visual introduction to the character called “Novagreen”, also described on the eponymous song: a hybrid creature embodying the spirit and unlimited powers of nature with the mind and shape of a 21st century man, being almighty, ruthless, individualist, and lusting for power. The evolution of the character will be witnessed throughout the artworks of the band’s future releases.

The band is now planning to spread its avenging words and music in numerous live shows, hence the adding since the end of 2008 of Fred (Frédéric Benne), previously in Wargasm (Black metal, performed at Wacken Open Air ‘07) as a second guitarist, and of Vince (Vincent Kreyder) previously in Fairyland (Symphonic Speed Metal, performed with Sonata Arctica, Kamelot) and Horresco Referens (Lust Metal, performed with Paradise Lost, Anathema, etc) as a new drummer.

2009 will be the year of Novagreen.

Webpage: http://www.myspace.com/novagreen
Location: Paris, , France
Description: Metal N' Roll from Europe, classic sounding, decadent, hellraising and rebellious motherfuckers from Paris / France
Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 August 2009 )
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