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Thursday, 29 May 2008
435 days, 2 producers, 3 studios, 1 lawyer, 2 mixers, and tens of thousands of dollars later; Otto's Daughter have overcome the obstacles thrown at them that would derail most bands. What they have to show for all of this is an 11 track full length album titled "A New Kind Of Heroine". Clocking in at under 42 minutes; the disc is a defiant, empowering, energetic collection of songs ranging from heartfelt ballads to dancy, radio-ready hits, to flat out crushing rock tunes - all the while managing to retain a common thread as well as their original identity throughout.

Otto's Daughter was formed in NYC by European transplant Jacqueline van Bierk. Guitarist Jim Robbins joined the band in late 2001. They relocated to Los Angeles in 2003.In early 2005; JVB and Jim released their 5 song EP "The Becoming 001" and overhauled the band; adding Roman "RO" Campbell on bass and Gilbert "G" Herrera on drums. A new chapter of OD began. OD's sound has evolved from their raw goth/industrial origin, to a tantalizing, erotic, dance rock maelstrom. The new line-up has since done several small DIY tours; played big stages as well as The Warped Tour; Nickstock Festival; opened several dates for Type O Negative / Celtic Frost during their 2007 West Coast tour; been featured on Frosty; Heidi and Frank; shot and released a video for the song 'Everything'; and have been in regular rotation on Guitar Center Radio nationwide for the past 2 years and counting...Not to mention their live show has attracted a fanatical, loyal following. Not only is their sound and performance getting rave reviews, but they take it to the next level with on-stage theatrics and back-breaking stunts which always leave the audience wanting more. Otto's Daughter has won several awards at LA's Rock City Awards Show for "Best Hollywood Band", "Best Female Vocalist" and "Best Female Performer". The 5 song EP has gotten great reviews in many well established magazines including Music Connection and Virus. The band recently signed with independent music label Corkscrew Music Company. The label will send the band out on a massive tour in 2008 to support the album "A New Kind of Heroine".


Jacqueline van Bierk - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Robbins - Guitar
Gilbert "G" Herrera - Drums
Roman "RO" Campbell - Bass


Void of Course (full length)
Renew (full length)
The Becoming 001 (5 song EP)
Self-Made-Stripped-Down (Acoustic CD)
A New Kind Of Heroine (full length)

Following songs are being played on radio stations nationwide:

"Everything" , "Right on Time" , "Kiss My Ass", "Mars" , "Angels"

"Everything" has recently been selected by the Smashing Pumpkins to be on the most recent Guitar Center Radio compilation cd.

Webpage: http://www.corkscrewmusic.com/shop
Location: North Hollywood, CA, USA
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